"Partnering with Parents
to help Children Succeed"

We believe that school aged children are a special breed of creature and caring, competent adults are necessary for their positive development. We also recognize the need for staff and parents to work together to meet their ever changing needs, especially in this day of increased turmoil and pressure.

We follow the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, encouraging moral values that develop self-respect as well as respect and tolerance for other people. Each child is important and is encouraged to explore, think, learn and have fun.



Kids In Media

Our Mission 

It is our mission to teach and enrich youth through the use of media by teaching them to script, and produce their own documentaries, live shows and presentations.  By encouraging their creativity and empowering them we lift their self-esteem through art and science as well.  

Our past projects included scripting and producing a documentary exploring means of preventing gang violence.  This documentary appeared in the Cucalorus Kids Film Festival.  K.I.M. also planted a garden in an abandon playground.  Our children experienced the full cycle of a plant from germination of seeds to planting, harvesting and using plant waste for compost. 

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